Abzar Soltan

Sultan Tool Group started working in Mashhad with more than 15 years of brilliant experience in the field of buying and selling industrial tools (molding tools, turning tools, welding and cutting tools, etc.) and general tools. The approach of Sultan Tools from the beginning was and is to provide a wide and diverse product portfolio in order to meet all the needs of artisans in one place.

Years of cooperation with workshops and industrial factories in Mashhad and a history of cooperation with more than 3000 industrial and workshop complexes. Now, in order to provide services on a wider level and to make it easier for users to use the facilities of virtual space, the online store of Sultan’s tools has been made available to craftsmen all over Iran.

It should be noted that loading all the products in the collection will take a long time and we are still in the middle of this difficult road, so if you do not find the product you are looking for on the Sultan Tools website, be sure to contact us. There is a high probability that the product you want is available in the store.


To visit our website,please click here.

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