Why choose Shiny Web ?!


Our mission is to improve the quality and quantity of your business and introduce your website in global markets


Solve technical problems of your website with the growth support team always and at any time


Websites created with growth are completely modular and you can easily increase or decrease the features with one key

Dedicated design

With the help of growth, you can easily have a site with the most up-to-date design methods for your business

User friendly

Professional and technology-based design is a solution to properly introduce your company and business

VIP benefits

Benefit from all the VIP features of the site by using websites designed by Shiny Web One year

Why do we have to have a website?

Why a site can boost business?

Have you ever spent a day without browsing the news sites or your favorite sites or even without shopping from a site?

One way to market or promote your business is to design a website. Designing a website can help you a lot in the field of digital marketing. Note that today the Internet works like a phone book and we are all constantly looking for the latest information to find some information in it.

Features of sites Shiny Web!


Easily sell all your physical and virtual products in your online store


With the help and use of this module, you can easily view all your financial reports on a monthly, annual basis


Always write articles for your users and keep your users up to date with the latest developments


If you are a store owner who has multiple sellers, you can easily add your own sellers

Professional invoice issuance

Inform your users of the details of your order by issuing a professional invoice

Online payment

Implement all the transactions of your site without any restrictions on the desired internet portal


With the help of the wallet system and the site scoring system, you can easily implement the gamification system within your site


Responsive design is the best way to make your website compatible with mobile and tablet devices

Professional product reviews

Easily build a professional product rating and rating system, product build quality and any other features.

Mobile login and membership

Register your users with just a mobile number and bring a better user experience

Build smart discount coupons

With the help of gamification system, you can easily send all the smart discount codes to the users

Possibility of paid membership

With the help of VIP system, you can easily activate the special subscription system within your website

طراح سایت اینترنتی شما!

هر نوع بازاریابی نیاز به یک وب سایت بدون نقص دارد، وب سایت شما منعکس کننده کیفیت کار شما و نوع خدمات شما است، اگر در آینده مجبور به طراحی مجدد سایت خود شوید خسارات وارده ، جبران ناپذیر است.بررسی تمامی این موارد نیاز به مشاوره حضوری یا آنلاین دارد تا انتخاب درستی داشته باشید.پس قبل از هرکاری جلسه مشاوره رایگان خود را با ما هماهنگ کنید. در این جلسه هیچ گونه مذاکره فروشی صورت نمی گیرد تنها مشاوره های لازم به شما ارائه می شوند.

Why do 95% of sites fail?

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site design plans!

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Silver plan

Shell: Ready template
Customization capability: Yes
Execution time: 14 working days
– – –
Education: Yes
Gift: Yes
Advanced Features: No
Advanced features: No

Price: 5.5 million Tomans

Golden Plan

Shell: Ready template
Customization capability: Yes
Execution time: 21 working days
– – –
Education: Yes
Gift: Yes
Advanced features: Yes
Advanced features: No

Price: 9.5 million Tomans

Diamond plan

Shell: Ready template
Customization capability: Yes
Execution time: 21 working days
– – –
Education: Yes
Gift: Yes
Advanced features: Yes
Advanced features: Yes

Price: 15.5 million Tomans

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